AI Engine Multiple-Choice Buttons

This plugin allows for the AI to dynamically add buttons to its responses.
You can instruct it to place all options within predefined brackets like [Button Text] or (Button Text).


To use the shortcode, follow these steps:

  1. Add the Shortcode to Your Post/Page:
    Insert into the same page with the chatbot which you want the multiple-choice options to appear.
  2. Optional Attributes:
  • prefix: Set a prefix for the choices. Default is [.
  • suffix: Set a suffix for the choices. Default is ].
  • theme_id: Choose a theme. Options are chatgpt (default) or messages.

To instruct the chatbot to use buttons, follow these steps:

  1. Tell the bot to place options the user can choose within brackets like [Option Text], depending on your choice of prefix and suffix.
  2. The bot can also be instructed to ask multiple response/multiple select questions by using the + symbol to separate the choices, like this: [Choice 1] + [Choice 2] + [Choice 3].

Get Plugin

This plugin is a $50 USD one-time fee and will be kept updated for compatibility with AI Engine. It supports regular ChatGPT style as well as the Messages and Timeless themes. Please contact me to purchase.

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