• AI Engine Ask

    AI Engine Ask

    Now here’s a cool plugin! You can add chatbots and assistants as guests who are aware of the conversation and have access to their own tools, embeddings, and instructions. Go ahead and try it out: This demo uses my Text-To-Speech plugin, giving each bot their own voice. When a button is toggled on, all chat…

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  • AI Engine Simple Memory

    AI Engine Simple Memory

    Let’s give chatbots the ability to store and remember information they learn in a conversation! This way, you can clear the chat, but it will still retain important details. As you can see by the shortcode above, this chatbot is set to remember your name, location, likes, dislikes, and your chat preferences. Say “clear simple…

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  • AI Engine Discussion Manager

    AI Engine Discussion Manager

    A new and improved Discussions module for AI Engine is here! Features: Search, Pin, Rename, Archive, Delete, Export to PDF, Pagination

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  • AI Engine Block Proxies & VPNs

    AI Engine Block Proxies & VPNs

    Want to block proxies and VPNs from using your chatbots and forms? Here’s a way to do it for free (under 1000 queries per day) or for cheap if your needs exceed that. No need for an API key if you have under 100 queries with unique IP addresses per day! Installation Add the following…

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  • AI Engine WooCommerce Support Bot

    AI Engine WooCommerce Support Bot

    Do you want your AI chatbot to see users’ latest orders and track their packages? This plugin works with your WooCommerce WordPress site. For logged-in users, it automatically adds their last few orders to the chatbot’s memory. You can define how many of their recent orders are added. The chatbot can link users to their…

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  • AI Engine Text-To-Speech (TTS)

    AI Engine Text-To-Speech (TTS)

    This plugin is an all-in-one consolidation of my previous plugins, which includes OpenAI, Google, Deepgram, and ElevenLabs Text-To-Speech (TTS). Click the microphone and start talking! Enhancement: See here for another demo of the OpenAI Text-To-Speech.See here for a demo of the Deepgram Text-To-Speech. This is a premium plugin, so please contact me if you’d like…

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  • AI Engine Multiple-Choice Buttons

    AI Engine Multiple-Choice Buttons

    This plugin allows for the AI to dynamically add buttons to its responses.You can instruct it to place all options within predefined brackets like [Button Text] or (Button Text). Instructions To use the shortcode, follow these steps: To instruct the chatbot to use buttons, follow these steps: Get Plugin This plugin is a $50 USD…

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  • AI Engine Video Embedding

    AI Engine Video Embedding

    Want YouTube links sent by your chatbot to be embedded automatically? Look no further! Installation Add the following JavaScript to a post or page with an AI Engine chatbot on it: Let’s enhance your business! I can help you develop custom AI engine extensions or broader AI strategies.Contact me.

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  • AI Engine Form Stop Button

    AI Engine Form Stop Button

    Ever wanted to stop a form that’s clearly going down the wrong track? While this won’t save you tokens on the back-end, it will let your users stop forms mid-stream so they can resubmit immediately. Installation Add the following JavaScript to a post or page with an AI Engine form on it: Then add this…

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  • LimeWire’s Image AI API: Seems Promising

    LimeWire’s Image AI API: Seems Promising

    I’ve tried many AI image generators, and they often disappoint. They are either very expensive or produce results that don’t match my requests. Because of these issues, LimeWire’s API caught my attention as it may provide solutions. Pros: Easy setup: Their documentation is clear and helpful. You should be able to get it up and…

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