AI Engine Discussion Manager

A new and improved Discussions module for AI Engine is here!


  • Pin
  • Rename (auto-generate or manual)
  • Archive
  • Delete
  • Export to PDF
  • Search
  • Pagination
  • ChatGPT, Messages/Timeless themes

Example PDF Export



[mwai_discussions_v2 id="default" text_new_chat="+Start New Discussion" theme_id="chatgpt"]

Shortcode Options:

per_page="10" (default "10", number of conversations per page)
max_length="128" (default "128", max length of titles in list - lower this value if you are using as a sidebar widget)
archive="true" (default "true", enables using archive functions)
delete="true" (default "true", enables using delete functions)
theme_id="chatgpt" (default "chatgpt", supports "messages" and "timeless")
text_new_chat="+ New Chat" (default "+Start New Discussion", leave blank "" to hide the button)
title_from="first" (default "last", first uses the user's first while last uses the AI's last message)

prefix="date" (default "date", title's prefix, can use "date" or "none")

AI Generate Titles:

auto="true" (default "true", enables the suggestion button in rename window, "false" disables auto-title as well)
env="anthropic" (default "openai", can use openai, openrouter, etc. the environment for the generation query)
model="claude-3-haiku-20240307" (default "claude-3-haiku-20240307" for anthropic, "gpt-3.5-turbo" for openai, "meta-llama/llama-3-8b-instruct:extended" for openrouter)
purpose="user seeking coding advice from expert chatbot" (default "determine for yourself", this option gives further context for the title generation query)


This plugin is available for a one-time fee of $75 USD. Please contact me to buy it!

Let’s enhance your business! I can help you develop custom AI engine extensions or broader AI strategies.
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2 responses to “AI Engine Discussion Manager”

  1. Anne Avatar

    Hi Kevin, this seems a great new feature. Always fun to check your site for new ideas.
    Quick questions before I may buy: If users deleted their chats, are they deleted in the database?
    The discussion do not “learn” from each other, do they?
    May I as an Admin deleted archives which have a certain “age”?
    Can I change menu names to German?
    Do you know If I have to update my Data Policy using this chat memory? I mean, actually we only make things visible which are in database anyway, right? Do I need to declare any cookies?


    1. Kevin Avatar

      1) Deleted chats are still in the database
      2) No there is no learning between discussions
      3) No there is currently no way for admins to delete archives although users can delete posts from archive if they like
      If 1) and 3) are important to you I can include admin functions to remove deleted chats and also archives from database past a certain date (for GDPR compliance reasons I’m sure!)
      4) It includes a German translation
      5) Your data policy using this should be similar to what you already have as AI engine by default does not delete users’ chats either
      6) There are no additional cookies being used beyond what AI Engine uses by default

      Thanks Anne for your consideration and good questions. I’m sure others want to know these answers as well!

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